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Welcome to CPC Youth Ministry!


Worship is one of the important keys of Christian faith. As believers, worship is an integral part of our daily walk with God. We want to be used as God's tools and servants to help our youth to find their identity as God's children and discover the purpose that God has planned for each and every one of them. More than anything, we want to help our youth to know, understand, and experience God's immeasurable, wonderful, and amazing love.


The youth worship will officially start on Sunday, December 10 @ 11am. 

Starting from Sunday, October 22 @ 11am we will be starting the 7-week Basic Encounter Bible Study.

Youth Bible Study

 Basic Encounter 

 Sunday, Oct. 22 @11am

We will be going through Basic Encounter Bible Study for next 7 weeks. We will be learning about the basics essentials of Christian faith that are very important fundamental tenets to know and understand.

Come and join us~!

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