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The Chinese Presbyterian Church has a history of over one hundred years of service in the greater New Orleans area. It began in February 1882, as a class for five Chinese men to learn English and to hear the Gospel. It soon became a Presbyterian mission to the Chinese who came through New Orleans, and who settled here. Four dedicated Christians ladies pioneered and were the directors of the Chinese mission: Miss Lena Saunders, Mrs. E. P. Radford, Miss Anna Creevy, and Miss Lois Garrison. The mission was initially located on South Liberty Street, and later, on South Roman Street. Miss Garrison was the last director of the mission before it was organized into the Chinese Presbyterian Church in 1957. The church was located at 2525 Bienville Avenue in New Orleans with The Rev. Dayton B" Castleman as its first pastor. He served for thirty years with the church.


During the late 1980s, the church began a period of transition. Recognizing that most of its members have moved into the suburbs of Metairie and Kenner, the church began the process of relocation.  In that long process, two other pastors came through the church's doors: The Rev. Richard Hom and The Rev. Vincent Mok. In 1994,

Rev. Luke M. Tse served as the Interim Pastoral Leader.


In August of 1997, the church moved into its fourth home in the city of Kenner where it begins a new chapter of life and ministry in the greater New Orleans area. In early 2000's, Rev. James Cheng served. Rev. Bob Malsbary served as an interim pastor after Rev. Cheng departed. In 2007, Rev. Claire Vonk Brooks and her family came to New Orleans from Kentucky. She served as pastor until she retired in 2013.


In 2014, Rev. Peter Choi and his family came from California to serve at Chinese Presbyterian Church.  On September 28, 2014, Rev. Peter Choi was ordained and became the pastor of Chinese Presbyterian Church.  On April 7, 2018, Rev. Peter concluded his service at the CPC.




















* Special thanks to Winston Ho for helping us gather the history of our church.

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